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Open Daily: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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Sunday: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

*Dining room closes 1 hour earlier.

About Chicago Dough

About Us

The Chicago Dough Company makes gourmet Chicago-style pizza in several varieties; we offer thin crust, double crust, a unique deep dish, and not to mention a traditional stuffed and calabrese pizzas. All are handmade with unbleached and unbromated dough made fresh each morning. We use only choice ingredients, cheese made to our strict requirements, a tomato sauce specially marinated with 13 different seasoning to assure maximum flavor, topped with our uniquely blended sausage and garden-fresh vegetables. We use very little salt, healthier canola oil, and no MSG is used in our pizza. So here’s to your health!

Our History

Mike Rose and Mike Feliu met while in the fifth grade at Matteson Elementary School.  Over the years they would continue their education together eventually graduating from Rich Central High School.  It was during their time at the University of Arizona that they made their pact to one day start a business together.

In 1974, Pizza Inn, Inc. approached Rose’s Location Finders for potential properties for expansion in to the Chicago area.  While the national chain was not optimistic about the Richton Square Road and Sauk Trail, Rose and Feliu believed in it’s potential.

On January 14th, 1976 with a loan from a local bank and a franchise agreement they opened the Pizza Inn in Richton Park.  Within one year the Richton Park location became one of the top five in the nation and plans were being made for a Bourbonnais location.

True to their entrepreneurial spirit, Rose and Feliu, while on vacation in Colorado, were laying the ground work for what was to come next.  They laid out a plan to change from the canned products of the Pizza Inn to fresh cut vegetables, especially blended sausage, a new dough recipe and a new signature sauce.

Unhappy with the Richton Park location’s changes and coupled with a general poor performance in the Chicago area, Pizza Inn pulled out, leaving Mike Rose and Mike Feliu just what they had wanted.  In 1978, both the Richton Park and Bourbonnais location became the Chicago Dough Company.

Today the Chicago Dough Company remains, more that 30 years after its start, dedicated to making Chicago-style pizza.

Stuffed Pizza, Deep Dish